Project Description

AML stands for Any Markup Language – it’s purpose is to aggregate XML DOM and HTML DOM functionality, leaving XML restrictive document treatment and replacing it with smooth use of HTML . You can use AML with any website’s HTML or XML data – wheter it’s well formated or not. It could even fail validation at all and You’ll still have an access to document’s nodes in a way You’re already familiar with. You do not need to use .Net’s restrictive XmlDocument parser or WebBrowser user control anymore, which consumes a huge amount of memory. Instead of this You get an AML , a light, quick and convenient way to navigate through Your documents.

When would You need to use AML ?

1. If You are trying to retrieve some online content, eg. current weather from some weather forecast provider website and You need to do it programatically.

2. When you’re dealing with a really badly formatted XML and You’re unable to do anything about it’s source (because of buggy XML provider’s interface)

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